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The world needs change a rapid format where a new way of Energy production is needed. Created by our Nature, Next to solar, water, earth, and tide, Wind is the most sustainable way creating energy through a wind turbine in our daily life. A Wind Turbine is a windmill-like structure specifically developed to generate electricity.

Because of the complexity of the different fields of expertise, such as High Voltage, IT, Hydraulic and Mechanical, inside a 60 to 120 meters high pole with nacelle. Combining data can help organize, optimize and integrate the Eco system maintaining and optimizing wind turbines.

Globally, more and more windmills are being built on land and offshore at sea. This results in an increase of management and effective maintenance for these windmills, adding sustainability and increasing efficiency of the output.

Prediction is the most effective way to efficiently reduce downtime, workforce, safety and optimizing the solution. This means that data of the individual expertise groups can be combined saving and optimizing workforce time, reducing downtime and increasing value for the future. By integrating many data outputs from singular solutions, the speed of reducing the use of fossil energy can be further speeded up. specifically developed to generate electricity.