Rudy, born and raised in Rotterdam, holds several degrees in policing and law. During his time working in several sections within the government he’s gained a vast experience in Policing, Cyber security, and public safety in general. Has 20 years of total experience working for governmental institutes, and has fulfilled several roles. Through his experience he became an excellent scrum master, teambuilder, and a natural leader.

In paralel, because he wanted to broaden his experience he started a logistics company called Sendus Logistics. Currently 4 years further he has succesfully raised a decent Logistics company with 20 employees under his wing. His logistics company was responsible for package distribution, international transport, courrier services with currently 6 vehicles under his belt.

Participating in several university projects to improve the logistics sector. Exchanging data with other companies believing that together we can improve the industry.

Overall wanting to use his skills to improve the world, make it safer, make it cleaner, making it a better place for the world, for everyone but mostly for his two lovely children.