Data Collection

The system collects data from various sources and is stored in ACT’s Blackbox. The information collected┬á can range from temperatures, pressures, vibrations, emissions, energy, rpm etc. It will be stored within the blackbox, and formatted for further processing. Data collected will be stored locally and by means of cloudification.

Data Analysis

The processed data will be analysed by ACT’s advanced Artificial Intelligence systems on irregularities and abnormalities. Fluctuations and variations within the data will be used for onward processing.

Identify Problems

ACT’s Artificial Intelligence program will compare results with the regular performance specifications. Variations detected will be processed for reporting translation for further use.

Data Translation

The processed data will be translated for interpretation. The advanced machine learning system will continue to learn from this step and continue to increase efficiency. The system is self-learning. Results will be prepared for further communication.

Creating Awareness & Operator Guidance

Suggestions for repairs, maintenances and energy saving, created by the AI-system as a result of the analysis, will be communicated with customers and operational departments by means of apps, and or a collective dashboard. The benefit of these combined systems will result in fuel consumption reduction, increase of uptime and emission reduction. Cost reductions reported by the ACT-AI system provides economically attractive incentive.