Born and raised in Winschoten, Groningen, Edwin moved to Rotterdam after his engineer degrees in both applied Economics and Information technology.

After his experience as salesmanager Europe at Tecnotree in Finland, and Sales director at NBAS, he has acted as manager in Machine to Machine of two Luxemburgisch operators working towards M2M and IOT solutions serving customers from payment, mobility and smart city.

Over the last years he was actively involved as envoy in the U4SSC and USC Smart and Sustainability Cities United Nations programs helping the world implement the 17 UN Sustainable Development Goals by 2030 bringing both the private and public sectors together generate a sustainable society.

As entrepreneur he is driving projects and creating ecosystems for better world. Currently active in Smart Building and Smart City projects combining IoT, Connectivity, AI and Machine learning at Esplendor.

With a key focus on business models and sharing knowledge between end-users, Edwin believes that  the only way to gain momentum lies in an Eco-system and humanizing data driven technology to generate the difference for the world.

We is driving and supporting industries, governments and organizations to understand, translate and express future requirements for their organization and business strategy as well as living network operators like cities, energy or mobility enablers to design and build a meaningful intertwined system experiences.