Born and raised in Rotterdam, Entrepeneur by heart, holds a degree in Management Harbour & Logistics and Middle management. Having worked in every link of the logistical chain i.e. from distribution to forwarder to vessel planner allows for a deep understanding of the Dutch harbour, however that was not always the path I followed.

Seeing limitations in my growth within companies and having very high ambitions led me to open my own Marketing & Communications bureau. After succesfull campaigns & ventures a special client popped up, a small logistical company in Rotterdam. Our relationship became so tight that I took on the roll of business development director and shareholder together we increased revenue streams and acquired new clients.

Together with our Logistics company we encountered a client that wanted to breach the Dutch market with intelligent coffee machines. We had the infrastructure, the sales-team, and started co-operating. Our companies started merging and responsebilities changed, I was responsible for Logistics, Distribution, Product improvement, Project management and Business development for Europe. Through all these channels we met Han van Blanken, which asked us if the predictive maintenance software & AI was applicable to other industries.

My answer, anything can be done as long as you put your mind to it.
He asked if we were willing to change the world with him?

My answer: Yes.

You can’t change the world alone, but then again we are not alone? . There are more people out there that want to improve the world and make it a better place for all of us. For all human beings, animals, insects, we have one planet.

Let’s value, and love that planet more and more every day.