Data Science, A look towards the future.

Who are we and what do we do? We ACT!

The world is changing rapidly. It should, because we cannot continue to abuse it. We should stop emissions that would eventually end everything. For generations, people were told that a commercial world was the target. Today belief is growing that we should turn things around, and put our planet and life on it, in a central position. Once that status has been reached, we will fit in a reasonable commercial element that is not affecting the planet but helping it become sustainable.

Team background

Coincidence and passion brought our team together. Each of us has a certain passion for the job, but our common passion is a better sustainable world. We come from the international maritime field, logistics, sustainability, communication and safety. As a team we form a unique combination.

Modern techniques

Modern techniques help us to determine problems. Intelligent use of data will bring insight in complex problems and will help us to find solutions that cope with the present problems that are endangering our world.

Our Mission

Our mission is to help building a better world. Set new standards. Save the planet for our children and children’s children. And, we discovered it is really great to do. Our starting point is simple, sharing is winning.

ACT Now!

We have tested software that helps to control energy use and stop abuse. It determines failures before they happen. It orders repairs before breakdown. It determines unnecessary use of equipment in down hours and generates self-maintenance. It is improving efficiency and safety.

This artificial intelligent software combined with algorithms and smart hardware, can be used in any industry with wear and tear. Our black box and hardware will be connected independently to the target equipment. Collected data will be analyzed to improve processes. The analysis will generate awareness with users enabling them to take proper action to control processes. This can be done by means of our App or a Dashboard or automatically. The ACT software will make processes and equipment more efficient and less polluting.

For our clients it enhances awareness and improve control. Even of matters that were unattended before. It helps cost saving and brings security to the next level. Some examples, make industry, airplane maintenance, transport industry and many others.

Who will join, to make a cleaner, better, sustainable, safer and nicer planet? Who will set the new standard together with us?